Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas Village

For the last several years our family (aunts, uncles, cousins, etc) on my mom's side has enjoyed a tradition of meeting together to walk through the Christmas Village in Ogden & then afterward going over to my aunt & uncle's home for treats. For different reasons each year Mark & I have never been able to attend, but this year we could!

It was really cold that night, but still worth the trip. Noah loved running from home to home at the village and looking into the windows. We got a good laugh out of watching him run too. His coat is when he runs his arms swing forward and back, but don't bend at the elbows. It was pretty funny. My only regret from the outing was my choice of shoes! My feet got so cold! Note to year wear nice, warm winter boots!

Here's a shot of me holding Noah up so that he could get a good look of Santa.

Lincoln and his daddy. (And Lincoln is sporting a cute wool hat that his aunt Rachel made for his birthday. It fits perfectly & we love it!)

Cold, but never too cold for a quick family photo!

And we enjoyed delicious cocoa and cookies afterward. Thanks, Shelly!


Apryl said...

Growing up my family used to do that too. We'd make a whole night of it. We'd go out to eat at a fast food restaurant afterward instead of meeting at someone's house. We haven't done it for quite a few years just cuz it's so hard to get all us 7 siblings +spouses and kids together. I miss it though, looks like fun.

Leslie said...

Looks like fun. I have never heard of that. I don't venture outside of SLC very often. Hope you have a Merry Christmas.