Monday, September 8, 2008

More Cousin Fun...

...this time it's the children's museum! Our friend Claire was nice enough to add us on to her season pass for just $10 (which was less than the cost of one day admission for Noah & I) - so we get to go enjoy the children's museum often now. Wahoo! Here is Noah dumping balls into the pneumatic tube system they have there. I swear that he'd do that for hours if I'd let him...

Chelsey & Audrey

Time to make some music...
I love how Noah rocks out on the big xylophone. Here's a quick clip...

Noah and Audrey checking out each other's rides.

Apparently all this play can be serious business.

I was thinking about how strange it is that next summer both Noah & Lincoln will be running around the children's museum (yikes!), but for now - Lincoln just patiently sits like a prince in his chariot (aka the stroller) and smiles at anyone who will look at him.

I'm glad that I caught this cute moment of Noah & Audrey playing with the magnet letters - because it was fleeting, and then Noah took off running to the next exhibit :)

This is the four of us sitting in the helicopter. I thought that Audrey would love this exhibit since she is always excited to see them in the sky, but she really didn't. She kept saying that it was scary. Darn it. In her defense though, the sound effects it makes are really, super loud.

I think the media area will be more fun for the kids as they get older, but I still had to snap a quick picture of my mom, Noah, and Chelsey & Audrey as "newscasters".

The museum offers free little science classes that are super cute. This time the topic was bubbles. Here they are mixing some ingredients that would bubble and fizz...

And, I'll end with this clip. I caught just the end of this demonstration as Noah decided to play in the "bubbles". Gotta love the good old baking powder and vinegar trick. I do love Noah's curiosity, and that he isn't afraid to reach out to touch the mysterious mixture.

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