Monday, September 8, 2008

Month of Water Continues...

As mentioned in a previous post, the playgroup that we attend did all water activities in August. And, since this activity at Cherry Hill was during the time my brother was in town from Boston - I told them to meet me there! So, although I did have a couple of cute pictures with Claire (who also attends that playgroup) & her kids - I'm not including them for fear of her killing me (she never likes pictures of herself taken, much less I figure that swimming pictures may cross the line - even though she looks dang cute!).

So, what I will be including in this post are a whole slew of pictures of my kiddies, as well as some of my family. The first (of've been warned) is of Lincoln hanging out by my mom. He absolutely loves water play. He sat in this zero entry pool and kicked his legs back & forth, back & much actually that he got this big abrasion type sore on his outer ankle! I felt horrible, but at least he had fun.

Noah loved "swimming" around in the shallow kiddie pool, and he was hard to keep up with. He would run from area to area exploring and wanted to do everything himself (which doesn't always pan out at a waterpark when you're 2 years old)...

...for example...I was trying to take Noah down this tiny water slide on my lap & he just kept pulling away and screaming & yelling that he wanted to do it "seeelf" I let him. I swear I'm not a bad mom - the water was super shallow at the bottom & I was right behind him, but I think he needed to experience this one for himself. Here was the result (feel free to pan quickly through the progression of the next 4 photos)...

He was not a happy camper right after that, but he recovered quickly and scampered off enjoying himself.

Chris, Chelsey & Audrey. Such a cute little family, 'eh?

Here's me taking a little turn with Audrey, who was much more cautious (especially at first) about the whole water thing than Noah. And that's my brother Josh following Noah around. He's such a good uncle!

This pirate ship is one of the places that Noah took Josh to (I'm betting that's how it went, and not the other way around). My brother Chris took all of these pictures, I should add, and I love the stoic look on Noah's face. It's as if he's taking the whole business of steering the ship very seriously :)

Me and Linc

Me with my two boys.

I have to point out in this photo how cute it is that Audrey and her mom, Chelsey, are matching. So cute, huh?

Audrey warming up to the idea of splashing around. I love the little tongue...

My little fish.

Awwww...such cute cousins.

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Josh said...

We don't really get to do this kind of stuff that often, particularly all together. This was a great idea, thanx you guys for helping make it a great time! I still laugh thinking about Noah, so often shouting "Self!" like with that water slide.