Monday, September 15, 2008

Fun with our Denver Extension...

If I say, immediate family...does that mean my husband & two boys? It used to always mean my parents and siblings. Do you refer to your siblings, in-laws, etc as immediate or extended family?

Because I'm a bit confused on the topic, I'll just pick one and say that...since all of our extended family was together for Grandpa Cole's memorial service a few weeks ago, we took the opportunity to get together with some of our "Denver extension" - Mark's sister Rachel & her son Henry (and Mark's mom too!). Since we still had water toys around from the play group, we enjoyed some water play in the well as some bubbles! Here's cute little Henry trying to get at his mom's bubble wand.

Here's Noah showing Lincoln exactly how you use a bubble blower. Linc was quite intrigued.

Noah happily showing me that the bubble blower is "Pablo"
I wish that I'd gotten more shots of Rachel & Henry. Somehow I managed to mostly just relax and enjoy myself instead of keeping myself behind a camera...see, Mark - I do manage to do that now and then...the problem is that I tend to regret it later :)

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