Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Star Wars! Our 2012 Halloween costumes.

Mark had to go out of town for a conference over Halloween, so my parent's Halloween party was the only time that all 5 of us were in our Star Wars themed costumes together.  Besides, by the time you head out to go trick-or-treating it's already dark, so now was a good time to document the costumes!

First, Noah.  The catalyst for all things Star Wars in our home.  He (at 6 years old) was Captain Rex!  I love that taking pictures of the boys in their costumes is like play-time for them, no twisting arms for photos and they come up with their own poses since it's what they are "in to" at the time anyway...

Lincoln (4 years old) chose Luke Skywalker the pilot!

Max (16 months) was Yoda!

Is Yoda using the force on Darth Vader?...

 And, our whole family in our costumes as we arrived at my parents' house for the party!
I love things that are themed, and I love I will gladly go along with the boys' excitement about coordinating our costumes as a family until the boys decide that it isn't cool anymore.

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