Sunday, March 3, 2013

September 2012 Wrap Up

A picture I snapped of Max on one of our visits to the planetarium.

Lincoln's first day of preschool!  Can you tell he's excited?

Video clip of Max running around at Mark's parent's house.  The boys love, love, love their yard:

And a couple minutes of watching Max eat a chocolate donut, because it's those subtle little sounds and facial expressions that are so cute that we manage to somehow forget...

Lincoln wanted me to take a picture of him with his daily eye patch on.

Just some pictures I snapped while hanging out in the front yard with friends.  First of all a picture of my mums that I planted inside a pumpkin:

Max on Lincoln's bike...

Max and Trey...

 I love Max's little golden locks.

Crew's serious little expression kills me.  Adorable.

Crew with his mommy (and my friend) Natalie.  Such a cute photo.

The boys exploring our pumpkin selection on the front porch.
Farewell one of my favorite months of the year.

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