Monday, March 11, 2013

October 2012 Wrap Up!

10/2/12 Bath time!

10/3/12 Just pictures of my monkey on our front porch.

Pointing to his ear saying that he hears something (an airplane, a bird, etc.)...

I. love. that. face.

Love those lashes.  Love that nose.  Love that tongue.  Love those cheeks.

10/20/12 Sister social at Emma's house.  She goes all out for Halloween and I love it!

How fabulous was this table setting that she did for us?!

Even the drinks had darling labels.

Fellow sister missionaries from the Berlin, Germany mission.

Just a couple quick pictures of the boys at our church's trunk or treat!

One day Noah and Lincoln got into the costume closet and randomly put together witch costumes from other costumes that we had.  They came upstairs to surprise me and were sooo proud of themselves.  Note the lightsaber witch brooms... 

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