Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Our karate kid

I decided to compile a handful of photos and video clips (from Oct-Dec) all into one karate post, versus having just a random one or two each month.  So, before showing Noah's advancement to yellow belt that was in December, here are those pictures/clips:

Noah's class lined up on the mat:

The kids bowing in:

A couple clips of warm ups:

Noah and his classmate Atley working on a technique they learned...

A clip of them trying to figure the technique out...

The same technique one month later...

Noah requested that I video him doing this after class one day...

This posed picture was all Noah.  I love this kid.

Noah advancing to yellow belt:

Noah (wearing his new yellow belt) with his Sensei.

Noah showing his certificate of advancement and perfect attendance medal:

Lincoln was so excited to hug and congratulate his big brother...

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