Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Christmas Eve 2011

 Ok, I dare you to show me a more multi-tasking husband and dad than Mark.  He rocks!  I had to grab our camera.  He was feeding the baby a bottle while making a yummy soup to take to my parents house for that night.  I'm a lucky woman.  Love you, babe.

As I mentioned, we went to my parents' house on Christmas Eve.  After eating yummy food we reenacted Luke 2.  As you can see here - Lincoln was the star shining in the east and Noah was a shepherd.

Noah loved acting out the story as my dad read from the Bible.

Me showing the baby Jesus (Max) to the shepherd.

Our family all changed into our Christmas Eve pajamas.

Next it was time to do the Christmas eve ball (a tradition we adopted from Mark's family)!  We roll up a ball in crepe paper, rolling in coins and treats as we go.  Then you sit on the floor and take turns rolling the ball to the same person...whatever rolls out when the ball is coming to you, you get to keep! 

I always love when the number of people is so that rolling the ball creates a giant crepe paper star (like you can see here)...

Noah after we were done...

Green candy and a sucker - Linc's two favorites.

 Noah and Lincoln showing off their bags of Christmas eve ball loot!

When we got home we laid out cookies and milk for santa, carrots for the reindeer, and picture that Noah drew for Santa (his idea)...

After the kids were in bed we put jingle bells on their doors, just in case they opened before they should...

A picture of our front room with the lights on, nativity on the coffee table, and stockings hung from the "chimney" with care.

Someday I'll have a "real" camera that can capture the glow of Christmas lights, but for now this will have to do.  There is something so peaceful to me about the twinkling of Christmas lights at (the quiet) night time.  Which is sharply contrasted by the excitement and squeals and tearing paper of the next morning (which I also love)...
I was a little extra sentimental going to bed this Christmas eve.  It was our first Christmas in our first home (that we own), our first Christmas with all three of our sweet boys, our first Christmas in a place where we hope to stay permanently.  We are surrounded by neighbors and friends that we love, and family that we love.  

I also thought about what a short period of time it is that our little boys will "believe" in Christmas.  The Santa, elves, and flying reindeer part.  The wishing for something and it magically appearing with your name on it under the tree part.  The kind that causes Noah to grab a bell and shake it just to make sure that (like on Polar Express) because he hears the bell he must still "truly believe" in Christmas.  I absolutely love watching the wheels turn in their heads, and their bright eyes as they savor the magic surrounding Christmas.  Of course I hope they always feel the most special reason for the season in their hearts in celebrating the birth of our savior, and the stirring that loving Him causes in our hearts to be better and give more.  That is beginning to take root and grow in my children now.  And in the meantime...I will savor watching them delight in this kind of magic that is theirs for such a short period of time.

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