Saturday, May 21, 2011

Amelia & Jocelyn's Birthday

Mark's cousin Camille lives only about 45 minutes away from us, so we were lucky enough to get invited to her daughters' birthday party. Two of their girls (Amelia & Jocelyn) share a birthday! It was requested that kids come in costume and bring a swimsuit (both of which our boys were super excited about)! So, on April 16th we headed down to celebrate. Here are Lincoln as Batman (the Batman hood, shirt & shorts were made for Mark by his mom when he was a little boy!), and Noah chose to wear his Captain Hook costume - sans wig & mustache this time. Aren't they two cute little party goers?

At the beginning of the party they started things out with some dancing for the kids - both fast songs and not as fast songs. Our boys didn't know what to think. For one, they didn't really know anyone...and secondly, it was certainly a princess dominated party (being for 2 girls). After a little bit of coaxing, Noah relented and accepted one of the princesses requests to dance with her. I just about had a fit with how cute I thought his shy little face was while dancing, but I could tell that he actually was enjoying himself too. Here's a quick clip of them:

After the dancing, the kids divided into a couple of groups by age and played various party games, and then it was time to head outside for water fun! Lincoln had been chomping at the bit to get outside and just run around, so he was extra excited when the kids were let loose outside. And, can you blame him? There were 2 blow up bounce houses, a slip & slide, a playground structure, trampoline...and lots & lots of soft grass. Aaahhh. Here is Linc in line to try out the slip & slide...

Linc trying out the slip & slide...

Lots of the kids had a hard time grasping the concept of what you do on a slip and slide. It was hot enough that if I didn't have a big ol' pregnant belly, I would've volunteered to demonstrate, but they were having a great time just doing things their way anyway. Here's a quick clip of Noah taking a turn:

Lincoln's turn (makes me laugh):

Noah and another little boy drove around the backyard in this sweet ride. Gotta love the pink and princess look on the rugged jeep :)

Linc doing a little climbing - how unusual! *sarcasm*

The kids all gathered on the trampoline to watch people take their shot at the pinata:

Birthday girl Jocelyn taking a very solid whack at the pinata (which was thoroughly reinforced with duct tape, giving all party goers a shot at it)...

Noah taking his turn...

Finally the pinata broke and the kids collected their goodies. Here's Lincoln showing me what he collected:

Noah, showing me one of his pieces of candy. The kid has never been to concerned with collecting a large hoard of candy from a pinata breaking. He has never been a competitive (or gluttonous) child:

Next was cake time. Here are Amelia & Jocelyn showing their candle from the cake - after blowing it out, of course.

I love this anticipatory smile Noah is wearing...and I was surprised at his choice of white cake too (he's normally very much a chocolate kid).
We had such a great time! Thanks so much for the invitation!

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