Tuesday, May 17, 2011

No foolin'

I grew up in a home where April Fools Day meant things like: A taped down sink sprayer...someone always managed to forget and get it in the face. A taped down hook switch (the button/switch on a phone that turns the call off when the handset is put on the cradle - or answers it when you pick it up)...the first person to answer the phone that day always had to scramble to try and get the tape off before the incoming call hung up. Don't forget pop 'n' snaps placed carefully under the toilet seat - ready to scare the crap out of you (pun intended) when you put your seat on the seat and they explode. Or fake poop or vomit placed strategically enough to catch you off guard and make it believable for a few moments. Then there was the time that we got a bucket of water in the face when Mom opened the door to welcome us home from school (inviting a water fight). One year my brother taped dye tablets to the shower head. Yup...April Fools Day wasn't just another day growing up in my home. While I enjoy pulling a trick on someone as much as my mom must...I'm still not yet sure if I dare to continue such traditions in my home for fear of what kind of things I may be inviting upon reciprocation. We'll see. In any case, I'm certainly not starting all that while my boys are this young and don't understand the concept of reserving such crazy behavior for one day a year (not that such a rule always stopped my mom, now that I think about it). Anyway! In a way it felt like the joke was on me this April 1st...in a nice way. We had just kissed March goodbye and were enjoying weather in the 90's?! What the...? This is our first spring in Arizona (and supposedly, that was early for that heat even here). So! We took the boys to our community pool! It's not a heated pool, so the water was really cold (not having had any time to warm up yet), but the boys didn't mind at all! See for yourself...

After about 1/2 year of not swimming Noah had no problem picking back up where he left off. Our little fish.

A thumbs up from both boys.

Noah & Mark poolside (there was no way that Mark was getting in the water above his ankles).

My boys. And you can see our house in the background above Lincoln's arm...that's how close we are to the pool. We love it.
So, if anyone actually reads this post...do you have any April Fool's Day traditions or memories? I'd love to hear them :)

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