Wednesday, May 18, 2011

T-ball Game/Opening Ceremonies

League opening ceremonies day was postponed (due to a tragic accident) and ended up being held on April 2nd right after one of Noah's t-ball games. Our team (Phillies) played the Marlins, and one of Noah's best buddies (also named Noah) from pre-school plays on that Noah enjoyed cheering for him during the game. It was kind of funny, but really cute. Anyway, here are the teams showing sportsmanship after the game...

And getting some coaching instruction during the most important part of the game (to Noah at least): the after-game snack! (Noah's hat is covering his face in this photo) They look so cute sitting in the dugout, wearing their uniforms and their legs dangling from the bench.

Noah S. and our Noah after the game. How cute are they?!

Coach Reese & Coach Justin with the boys who stuck around for opening ceremonies. I love how Noah has his hands on his hips...

Hats off for the Star Spangled Banner. (#3 is our Noah)
While I wouldn't say that Noah has exactly been competitive playing t-ball, he has enjoyed it more than he did soccer last season. Maybe there is just sufficient time for him to space out without being redirected with t-ball? Either way, he enjoys getting in his uniform and going to play. He especially likes batting and can now hit being pitched to (not off the t). I'll include some more pictures and video clips in another post down the road. I do want to say that we've been really lucky with having such patient, kind coaches that don't mind all the extra reminders that the young 5-year-olds seem to need!

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