Saturday, April 24, 2010

Ezra's blessing

Seriously. Isn't my nephew (Ezra) such a beautiful baby?!

Back on March 6th my brother's family came back to Utah for a whirlwind weekend to bless their baby boy. My brother performed the blessing (at Chelsey's parents' home), and here he is holding Ezra in his blessing outfit.

My brother's cute little family.

Chelsey, my mom, Ezra, and my grandma.

I just had to include this shot...grumpy-pants Noah was not happy to be there (at first). However, he warmed up quickly and enjoyed playing with the kids and dancing on the stage in the theater room.

Aunt Joy was quite a hit with her Pout Pout Fish book - and if you could have heard the animated way that she reads it, then you'd understand why! Joy, you are so great!

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