Monday, January 11, 2010

Sledding, Bowling, and Story Time

We started off 2010 with a really great day! On New Year's Day my parents came down and we all had lots of fun. First we hit a park near us and went sledding! This was Lincoln's first time sledding (of course he loved it), and although Noah wasn't very keen on it the last time we went...but he loved it this time! And, being the almost 4 year old that Noah is - it was all about him being big enough to do it himself. Somehow Noah knew that the character on the his tube was a Yeti, and he thought that was really cool! So here's Noah truckin' up the hill with his Yeti tube.

Me and Lincoln before heading down the hill on a sled:

(That's Mark & my dad at the top of the hill)


A quick clip of Mark taking Linc down the hill:

Noah enjoying going down the hill...all on his own.

A quick clip of Noah zipping past on his tube:

He was so proud of himself...and we were pretty proud of him too.

I think Noah was a tad bit nervous the first time that he went down on the sled (versus the tube). It was pretty fast, but once he got to the bottom of the hill he was all smiles.

My mom taking a run with Linc.

Mark heading down the hill with Lincoln.

Me and Linc.

Lincoln quickly realized that going down the hill was great, but that it got really tiring to walk back up. So, Mark and my dad implemented this way of towing him up the hill. Linc loved it.

And this was Noah's method of getting his tube back up the hill. Makes sense to me.

My dad and Lincoln.

Noah following Noah's lead and eating the snow...

Sledding was great! Not only was it fun, but it tired the boys out for naps. So, while they slept, Mark and I played cards with my parents! Then, after that it was off for some bowling! Here's a quick shot of Mark with Noah and his ball.

Noah took things quite seriously actually. Here he is after sending his ball down the rails...

Me with Linc.

Continuing his "I'm big enough to do it myself" theme...Noah loved getting his own ball out of the ball return and carrying it over to the lane:

And here he is cheering for himself after getting all but one pin down! A funny thing to mention is that Noah kept saying, "Slap down, takeoff!"...that's what he was yelling here with his fist in the air. (I have no idea where he got that from)

Once our day full of New Year's fun was over it was time for bed. One of the boys' favorite bedtime stories lately is Where The Wild Things Are. I had to snap a couple of pictures since it's pretty fun to watch. We like to "roar our terrible roars" and "gnash our terrible teeth" along with the wild things...
With the first day of 2010 being this great...I have a good feeling about this year.


Heather said...

so fun. love the last picture... love reading time!!!

David/Dad/Doc said...

Looks like great fun. Just curious, who was more scared on the way down the hill, Holly or Lincoln, it is hard to tell from the picture!

Chris-Chelsey-Audrey said...

great pictures...great post. :)