Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Christmas Village

So after our magical trip to see Santa *said with sarcasm* (see previous post)...we headed up to Christmas Village in Ogden. We had a really fun time there. We bundled up the boys, let them loose in the lit-up frozen wonderland, and my mom and I kind of just trailed behind them for the most part. For those of you that haven't been to Christmas Village, it's got dozens of little cottages that are decorated and you can just walk around amidst the Christmas lights and peer into the windows. I appreciated that the nativity display was still included in a section of the village too. (We wondered if it would disappear from this Christmas display, like it has from so many others.) The boys just loved running from window to window and pointing out all the familiar things they saw inside...and of course they just enjoyed running.

A quick shot of me with my happy little guys.

Lincoln pointing to a Santa that he saw in the window.

Noah playing Vanna White to the window while Lincoln screeches out "GRINCH!" pointing to the book in the window.

This window was by far the highlight of our visit for Lincoln. He loves trains and this one had a button you could push that would turn on the train and watch it chug around the track. He stood there forever and just kept saying, "Thomas!" as it would drive past. Later during our visit at the village he turned and bolted back toward the shack with the train yelling, "Thomas! Thomas!"...so we had my mom continue on to the other windows with Noah while Linc and I just hung out and watched "Thomas". We eventually lured him away by telling him that we'd go find another Thomas. We were sure that we'd see another train in another window...unfortunately we didn't, so I felt like a bit of a liar - but at least they had fun.

A quick clip to document the adorable little way that Linc says, "Thomas!"

Noah being a soldier.

Noah hanging out with one of the local deer.

Lincoln peering in at a display with a moving carousel and ferris wheel.

They were just so cute. I can't believe that someday they won't be tiny little dudes like this.
We stayed for just over an hour - and could've stayed longer, but it was co-o-old...and 10:00 at night! So we loaded the two little guys into the car, passed out the hot cocoa and warmed up before making the drive home. Even though we were pretty wiped out by the time we got home, I'm glad we went. Thanks, Mom!! I look forward to taking them next year!

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Jana said...

That was a fun night! The Santa visit makes a great story, and Christmas Village was so fun with you and the boys. They were so fun and cute. Thanks for the great pictures. I love the one of Noah saluting by the nutcracker soldier. Lots of cute photos of both boys. Love those guys!