Sunday, January 10, 2010

December Wrap Up

This post is just a small smattering of random pictures that didn't make their way into another post during December. First of all, I don't normally have fix-it guys that work on my house in their underwear, but this guy was just too cute to say no to:

Brothers cuddling and watching a show:

Noah getting creative with putting together something to play as Santa Claus. Yup. It's a masking tape beard.

It's been a while since I actually had the correct number of candles on a cake for my birthday...there are (count 'em!) 32 candles on this cake! The cake actually put off some heat while my parents & Mark sang to me, and the flames even actually began to arc toward one another. I thought that was actually pretty fun - thanks Mom and Dad!...and thanks for watching the boys so Mark and I could go out for dinner too!

A couple of days later Mark's brother and parents came to celebrate my birthday too! We had some tasty food and this really yummy cake:

Toward the end of last month Lincoln started breaking out in this weird rash. We had a pediatrician look at him (our friend that's a peds resident)...we tried a couple days of Benadryl at naptime and bedtime, but didn't have much luck getting rid of it.
Any guesses on what ended up being the cause?
It took a few days to find out what was going on, but on Christmas Eve we bought a different brand of diapers and tried putting him to bed with those on. In the morning the rash was almost completely gone! Christmas miracle? we put the old Huggies diaper back on while he opened his presents - and after just that hour or so the rash was back. Weird. So no more Huggies for Linc (and we haven't seen the rash again).

And, for the last picture of this post...cousins pulling silly faces. Gotta love it.
Goodbye December. Goodbye 2009.

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k. double-u. said...

Happy Birthday! Did you get all of the candles in one breath?