Thursday, May 7, 2009

Basketball Fever

Yes, I'm well aware that the season is over for the Utah Jazz. Hopefully next year we can manage not to go into the playoffs as the 8th seed in the west - pitting ourselves against the number one team. However, we enjoyed the fever while it lasted, so I figured that I'd put together a post of our basketball related photos from April. Mark & I were able to attend a few regular season games, and even a playoff game (thanks, Dad!!). Noah got into the excitement by knowing a few Jazz players' names, and got pretty good at yelling "Go, Jazz!" and "Defense!" and "Get the rebound!!" It was so cute how Noah enjoyed sitting on the couch watching the games & cheering with us. I do think that he realized how much we liked it though, because I'm pretty sure that he played that cuteness card several times to delay his bedtime when a game was on TV.

Mark came up with idea of getting one of these little basketball hoops to set up for Noah during the games. It was, as you can imagine, a huge hit.

This is a short 4 second clip of Noah "dunking" the ball. My favorite part is his concentrated face as he preps for his shot...

Like with anything Noah watches on TV, he likes to memorize and act it out. So, now and then Noah would try to replicate moves he'd see on a game. We got a good chuckle out of that. And, like any boy that I know (of any age) he loved to be cheered for.

Like father like son.

This was prior to the playoff game that Mark & I attended, and Noah got to stay home (along with Lincoln) and watch the game on TV with Mark's parents! Thanks Mont & Mary!
To wrap this post up - we're enjoying watching the rest of the playoffs, and are especially pleased that LaBron James received the MVP award...both because he deserves it, and because we were so happy that Kobe didn't receive it!


Mike and Lauren said...

Every time I get sad at Jack growing up a little too fast for my liking I look at your blog and realize how much there is to look forward to. I love your little family!

David/Dad/Doc said...

What a great idea with the hoop on the side during the game. You guys are such good parents.

Uncle Dave

The Josher said...

Ditto on the last part of this post. :)

Jana said...

Cute little Jazz family! I love the one of Mark, Holly, & Noah. Love you guys.