Monday, May 11, 2009

Music & Paint

Noah has always been crazy about music, and he loves doing a you can imagine how much he loves the two together. My friend Claire made Noah an art box for his birthday, filled it with paints and other crafts and even made this adorable smock. Since Lincoln wreaks havoc on Noah's paint-time (or just tries to eat the paint if I let him try), I wait until days that the boys' nap times don't coincide and then I pull out the craft box. It's been fun to have a little one-on-one activity for Noah & thanks, Claire! I thought that I'd include some photos and video clips of a couple of our little paint sessions during April.

In this clip you can hear the song "I'm Different" sung by Butterfly Boucher. It's my new favorite kids' song! And that's saying a lot since kids' music is pretty much all that I listen to these days! Turn up your volume & click here to listen to it (give it a second to load & it will start playing on its own)! It's a fun, upbeat song & I really like the words too!

Now, the surgery cap has nothing to do with's not like we need something holding his hair back or anything. Mark just brought it home for him from work. Noah loved pretending to be a doctor and wore it for a couple of days straight. Anyway! Noah got this little Buzz Lightyear canvas for his birthday and he thought it was super cool to paint on.

Don't you just wanna smooch that face?!

Noah giving his brush a good rinse. And notice the adorable smock...I am just nuts about sock monkeys!

As you heard in the previous clip, Noah seems to like the smell of the paint. When I asked him what it smelled like though his response was pretty funny...

Now on to my favorite part. As mentioned in previous posts, Noah's favorite song is "Ode to Joy". While he was painting he asked me to play that song (and replay it over & over). So, here he is painting and singing along.

Alright, I'll be upfront. This clip is a whopping 1 minute 39 seconds in length. I just couldn't bring myself to cut the clip, he's just so cute! He just cracked me up how into the song he was getting, and how pleased he seemed to be to have an audience. I have to say though, I do think that he carries a pretty good tune for a 3 year old...even if he does make up the words.

This clip is less than a minute. It's more of the same thing, but I get such a laugh out of his little wiggle dance, his falsetto & hand gestures toward the end of the song, and how he can't figure out what to do with the paintbrush at the end of the song so he can clap.


Megan, Tommy and the kids said...

That was so adorable. I love the made up words and how into the song he is. What a cutie pie! We have to agree with you on the kids music we love "I'm different" It is one of Tate's favorite songs. You should check out the cds titled "for the kids" They are awesome. Cool artists singing kids songs. Much more bearable as far as kids music is concerned. In fact I really enjoy many of the songs on these cds myself.

The Josher said...

He can basically sing better than me already. I love the random 'words' he comes up with though. :)

Anonymous said...

I loved seeing how much Noah enjoys painting and music...this blog really captured that... soo cute! I got a kick out of how excited he got towards the end too! XOXO Nicole :)