Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Today, March 3rd, is Noah's "Gotcha Day" - which is the day that we met him for the first time, and he was placed in our arms. This photo was taken a few weeks after that, but is just dang cute. Click here if you want to see last year's "Gotcha Day" post with pictures from that very day. So! In honor of this special day I thought I'd post a few of his recent Noah-isms. Enjoy!

* After trying a drink of Sprite Noah got a puzzled look on his face and (referencing the carbonation) said, "This drink just went in my nose and made it spicy!"

* One night while putting Noah to bed I commented on that he had a crusty ol' booger in his nose. Noah tried to pick it out, but couldn't get it. "Hmmm..." he said. "It's like I need a tiny airplane to fly up there to get it and bring it out!"

* While out running errands with Mark they were about to drive past the cross street to our house. Noah pointed that out and asked Mark why he didn't turn there. Mark told him that they weren't going home yet & Noah matter-of-factly replied, "Oh. So we're taking a detour."

* Noah: "Mom, I have a penis."
Me: "Yup. You do."
Noah: "Does Lincoln have a penis?"
Me: "Yes, Lincoln has a penis too."
Noah: "Does Buzz Lightyear have a penis?"...

* After Noah asked my mom to play her "Ode to Joy" ring-tone over & over I thought that my child just had good musical taste. Then later he said, "Mom! 'Ode to Joy' is on Jack-Jack Attack, Burn-E, and Chicken Little!" (he's only seen a preview for Chicken Little, and the other two are Pixar shorts). Observant little stinker, I checked all three & he was right.

* Mark has a small flesh-colored mole on his chin. One day Noah pointed to it and proclaimed, "Dad! You have a nipple on your chin!"

I'm sure there will be plenty more Noah-ism posts to come. We love you so much, Noah!!!


Becky T said...

Oh, Holly! How do I love the Noah-isms?! That age is simply the best for them too, I swear! And I'm just now realizing that I failed to comment on your birthday post and his pictures. I had looked at them, even wrote down my favs and somehow didn't comment. Anyhow, they are AWESOME! I love them, all of them! My favorites are #6, 9, 10, 17, 18, & 19. What a handsome fella, seriously he's so cute. And Happy Gotcha Day! I love the miracle of adoption!

Anna and Stephen said...

These Noah-isms made me smile great big smiles. I loved them! What wonderful boys you have. :)

Josh said...

That's HILARIOUS! I literally did laugh out loud. :) Love you guys!

RTC said...

Mark has a nipple on his chin! I so am going to have to see that next time we get together...


Heather said...

holly. i love all those stinkin cute pictures. i must agree with becky cause i love all those pictures too.... well i would hang all of them up~
you have the cutest boys.


Mike and Lauren said...

I love the things that you posted on here - Noah is such a cutie. And how fun to have a birthday AND a gotcha day! I hope we see you all soon!