Friday, March 13, 2009

Joanna Taylor Photography, a photographer that we've used several times and love is running a contest right now! She's giving away two free sessions to people that post something on their blog about her work, so take a look at her blog and website!

If you watch the slide-shows of her portfolios you'll see, among her other beautiful work, several shots of both of our boys (as well as a shot of Mark's & my hands on my pregnant belly)! Like I've said before in previous posts, Joanna always does beautiful work, is so enjoyable to work with, and being a mom herself she is great with kids. I enthusiastically recommend her to people looking for a photographer on the Wasatch Front! If you come back to my blog later to use a link to her blog, you can also just use the button on my sidebar - and yes, it's a newborn photo she took of Lincoln!

Enjoy browsing, and hey...Spring & Easter are coming up - maybe now is the time to get those pictures done?!


Mike and Lauren said...

So I've had a question for you for a while. I love your blog and I love that you take lots of pictures to document all the fun little things in life. I'm sure you take about as many pictures as I do and that is a I'm wondering what you do with all of them? Do you put them in a traditional scrapbook? Do you get books made of your blog and just have them in there? I'm trying to figure out exactly how to keep them all and put them together in a good way and thought you might have some ideas. Sorry for the long comment - also Noah's pictures look adorable from his birthday shoot your photographer did. Do you usually do a package or just pay for some prints? I think we might like to use her in the future and wondered what you did.

Mike and Lauren said...

Oh and our photographer was Skye Johansen. You can check her out at and

Joanna Taylor said...

Thanks for your sweet words, Holly! You know I adore you guys! I've entered you in the contest, so GL to you!!!