Monday, March 3, 2008

Gotcha Day!

As many of you know - the adoption community affectionately refers to the day that adoptvie parents are placed with their child as "gotcha day". Today, March 3rd, is Noah's gotcha day! While we naturally still love to celebrate Noah's birthday, his gotcha day is a very special day too. It is the day that we saw him for the first time, and became his parents.

That week between the day of Noah's birth and the day he was placed in our arms was the longest of our life. We cannot adequately describe in words the joy that we felt when his sweet birthmother placed him lovingly into our arms. We will forever be grateful to her for her selfless, loving decision.

This picture was taken just after placement, still at the agency office. His birthmom had dressed him in this cute yellow bumble-bee outifit & wrapped him in this yellow blanket. He was our peaceful, perfect gift from heaven.

We pretty much just stared at him for a week straight in our hotel room...since we had no other distractions and couldn't leave the state until inter-state legal paperwork cleared. It was nice to have that time together before returning to Mark's crazy school & work schedule. Here are a couple more pictures from Noah's original gotcha day. I love the one of him and was like he already knew who dad was.

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