Friday, February 22, 2008


So, I have been trying really hard lately to slow down and enjoy some of the routine parts of the day that I normally rush through. Bedtime routine is one of those. It won't be forever that my little boy will want to sit on my lap to read books and sing songs. And I'm guessing it won't always thrill him to have mom brush teeth with him either. So, the other night we took an extra long time enjoying brushing our teeth!

I loved looking at Noah's little bare feet up on the stepping stool. I loved how much fun he had with a simple everyday event. And I loved how important it was to him that he do his task well. I loved how large he makes our small little sink look. And I loved looking at those pudgy fingers wrapped around his beloved Diego toothbrush.

When we started practicing the spitting part of brushing teeth I about fell over laughing at how funny Noah was. I love how seriously he took it, but I'm so glad he didn't hit his face on the sink! Take a look...

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