Friday, February 29, 2008

A Cowboy Party

Our little cowboy turned two! Here are a few (ok, several) pictures from his birthday party!!!
Gotta have sherrif badges for a cowboy party!

I had to include a photo of the suckers I made (hazelnut & mint-chocolate) because they were kind of an accomplishment for me. I made over 30 & had fun doing it, but it was more of a project than I had anticipated (that happens a lot with me, I guess).

I had to have a photo with Lincoln wearing his little red cowboy boots! (I sure wish that they would've stayed on though, but oh well - they ended up being a cute decoration...)

Cousin Ava and Grandpa Mont.
Mark (the "bartender") with his cowboy boot mug (enjoying vanilla creme soda of course)!
Grandpa Rob & Uncle Matt diggin' into the grub!
I think Linc enjoyed getting passed around and held by everyone. Here he is with his great-grandma Shirlene.

Time for cake, li'l cowboy!

Yeehaw! Happy Birthday, little buckaroo. We love you. (and I think he liked the chocolate cake, what do you think?)

Noah trying out some creme soda in a boot cup. Yum! He's not used to that fizzy stuff!

Checking out the packages...
Noah loving the horsie attached to the top of this gift...
I couldn't resist including one where you could see his cute cowboy cape! Thanks, Allison!!!
Time for present opening! We're glad that Noah's friend Michael was there to be so excited about helping open presents - it made things a lot more fun!

Noah loves his construction stuff - thanks Donnelly's!!

Gotta love those blue eyes...
Noah loves his Mr. Potato Head (thanks uncles Matt & Josh!). He didn't want to open any other presents after that - just wanted to play. And, now that he has a new "prop" he has renewed his fever for Toy Story.
Little Lincoln with both of his grandmas!
I couldn't help but include a picture of the boot pinata! Notice that, at the end of the party, it's not broken...Noah had absolutely no interest in breaking it. At his party last year we converted the pinata to a pull string (with a trap door) - easier for young kids & doesn't go against the "we don't hit" advice we normally give, since we can't explain the difference to such a little kid.
We tried that again this year, but the sole of the boot was solid - only the column of the boot hollow, so we couldn't convert it. ANYWAY! After several attempts to get Noah to hit the pinata with a bat, he put the bat on the ground and started walking his toys along it. A bit anti-climatic, but we just put the pinata away for later this summer when he's a little older. It'll be a fun activiy for later anyway...
The party's over and Noah has discovered the joy of chocolate. He's even added the word to his vocablulary (it sure didn't take long for him to learn it after introducing the word...I wonder why?) Here he is enjoying a cowboy hat in the form of mint-chocolate! Mmmm.

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