Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Newborn pictures!

So, we scheduled newborn photos for Lincoln with a photographer that we have loved working with (for November 16th) before we knew that I'd be having a c-section & staying in the hospital a few days longer than expected. So, we ended up going to our photographer's home right after being released from the hospital. The session was relaxed and easy though, and now we have some beautiful newborn photos of Lincoln just 4 days old. We have a link to the photos that will be up for about another week if you'd like to take a look. Just click on the link & enter the username & password. Also, feel free to email us and tell us your favorite(s)...I'm having a tough time choosing which ones to print!


the username & password are case sensitive...

username: Baby
password: Boy
The gallery expires 12/05/07
To navigate through the pics just put your cursor over the right or left edge of the large picture and an arrow will appear to click on (or use the arrows on your keyboard). The arrow under the thumbnails will move you forward (or backward) to the next page - there are 58 pictures all together...

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