Friday, December 7, 2007

Random Pictures

Just a random picture that I loved of Noah running through the snow in our front yard...

Now, this was creative parenting. Set stage (familiar to many)...dirty house, crying baby, and whiny toddler. So, Mark threw Noah up on his shoulders and started to vacuum. The result: a cleaner house, a happy toddler & a sleeping baby! Who knew?
Ride 'em cowboy! Noah (who acquired his obsession with cowboy hats and horses from whom?!) is convinced that the arm of our couch is a horse. Here he is with his tattered cowboy hat (rescued from my mom's D.I. box) that he wears all of the time. Yeehaw!
Grammy time! (Notice the ever present cowboy hat...) Grandma Mary reading books with Noah. He sure loves books - and his grandma!
Noah "helping" grandma work on a quilt for baby Lincoln - which Noah pronounces as "may-may". We don't know doesn't exactly sound like "Lincoln", but at least he loves his brother!

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