Thursday, November 1, 2007

Halloween - Time to Monkey Around!

Woefully, the three of us missed out on a few Halloween activities this season - including a couple of parties that we were looking forward to - because Noah was sick. Fortunately we at least made it to a Halloween activity for our play group where we gave Noah's costume a test run. I just love the padded belly & the costume kept him nice and toasty while he ran around at the park too.

On Halloween, Noah was really not in the mood for taking pictures.
Here is a great example of what we call Noah's 'spaghetti legs'. He does that when protesting - usually because we're trying to take him somewhere he doesn't want to go.
Mark handing out candy with our little monkey!
Grandpa Mont & Grandma Mary dropped in (in costume!) to say hello on Halloween too. I was sure that Grandpa's costume was going to scare Noah - since most things do these days, so I was amused when Noah saw him...and laughed! However, he is keeping an eye on him...

Noah was pretty shy about trick or treating at first. When we'd get to a porch he'd say his version of 'trick or treat' (which was something like nnngghn-eat) before they opened the door, then once someone opened the door he would take his bucket and retreat - away from the door and backwards down the stairs. So, Mark or I would carry him back up and say trick or treat...after a few doors of that, and getting candy in his bucket, he started to warm up to the idea. He'd look in his bucket, look at us, and say "kuck!" (which translates in Noah-language to mean 'candy') as he'd sign the word for candy. It was so cute to watch Noah stand on a porch with his friend Michael (who is the knight that's hand in hand with Noah & Mark in this photo) and wistfully wait for his precious "kuck" to be dropped in his bucket.

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