Sunday, November 18, 2007


We are feeling so blessed. Not only do we have a sweet new baby boy, but we have such wonderful family and friends too. During this last week Noah got full attention from his grandparents as they took care of him at our home while we were at the hospital (thank you to our parents on both sides of our family!). We had several visits from thoughtful family members and friends to see Lincoln and wish us well. We had wonderful medical care at the hospital - and are so grateful for modern medicine that allowed complications that presented themselves during labor to be resolved in what is now a routine procedure (c-section). Years ago the outcome of our situation could have been much different for either Lincoln or me - or both of us. When talking to my mom about that, I had to giggle as she pointed out that years ago Lincoln wouldn't have existed in the first place...since he was conceived by in-vitro fertilization. So we're twice grateful for modern medicine at this time in our lives!

We are now at home and I am recovering nicely. My mom has taken some time off work to help me during my recovery, especially to help with Noah since he is such a busybody and I am unable to lift anything as heavy as him. We are already so grateful for all her help! As we approach Thanksgiving this week, we just feel like we have sooo much to be thankful for. What a special time of year to be welcoming our sweet little son to the world.

Thanks also to everyone who has taken the time to drop us an email or give us a phonecall - that has meant so much to us. We love hearing from each of you!

Here are a few more random pictures from the hospital & a couple after arriving at home!

Noah (along with Grandma Jana) brought Sunflowers to brighten our hospital room.

Lincoln's chubby little self is just so nice to cuddle.

Dad giving Lincoln a smooch before leaving the hospital.

Our family of four together after arriving home on Saturday.

Noah loves to hug his new baby brother...

...and smooch him too!

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