Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Noah turned 6! (back in February)

How did the baby boy that was handed to us in a yellow outfit and blanket just yesterday already turn six?!  Since we can't slow down or freeze time, I try my best to at least document much of it.  Here's a quick post about Noah turning 6, and there will be a very thorough one to follow telling all about his party later that day.

First I want to include this picture of Noah after school on Friday 2/24/12 (the day before his birthday) with his special person poster.  He helped a little bit with it before going to bed the night prior, but was super cute how much he liked it when he saw it the next morning.  Sometimes I'm surprised when he's so appreciative about little things that we do for him like this.

Noah (first thing in the morning on his birthday) opening a card and presents from Mom...and Dad:

I think he likes his new robe.
He was excited to wear it to his birthday party later that day!

I'm not sure at what point I will stop including my kids' height and weight statistics on their birthday posts.  I suppose that it won't always be appropriate, but perhaps for a little bit longer?
Height is 43.58 inches (17%)
Weight 44 lbs (44%)

Obviously Noah loves Star Wars.  He also is enjoying karate and liked t-ball this year too.  He still says that he wants to be an elephant biologist (in Botswana) when he grows up.  He is full of things to say, always wants to learn, and packs a pretty big vocabulary for a 6 year old.  We sure love you, Noah! 

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