Saturday, December 8, 2012

December 2011 Wrap Up

Just a normal day coloring at the kitchen table:

My parents treated us to a play of A Christmas Carol!  Here are Lincoln Noah and Audrey before the play started:

All of us afterward:

After mingling with some of the cast after the show Linc wanted a picture with Father Christmas:

Part way through putting up Christmas decorations Mark decided to fall asleep in front of the fire.  This time apparantly with his cell phone on his chest...and a baby toy in his hand:

Here's the little cutie that made us feel like Mark did in the previous picture:

Noah making PBJ sandwiches for himself and Lincoln:

And here is Max taking a bath after having an allergic reaction.  I thought it was to the oatmeal that I had just fed him for the first hindsight (now that we know he's allergic to peanuts) I bet that he somehow came into contact with the messy peanut butter sandwich situation previously documented!  I think that we just didn't know that this was his first peanut reaction.

Max enjoying his excersaucer...

...and playing with his big brother Noah:

12/18/11  Visiting great-grandma Janet.

Noah and his buddy Mac decorating cookies at our house...

Because he won't always eat dinner in this chair...

These video clips are especially for my mom (who "told Santa" to send these videos to the boys).  Here is Lincoln watching his:

Noah watching his:

The morning after Christmas we tried out the new star wars pancake molds!

Nothing quite like catching up with some high school friends you haven't seen in YEARS!  Especially when you get to do it over yummy food...and then continue the gabbing at a tea house!  So nice.

Mark snow shoeing.  I love where we live.

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