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January 2012

I'm putting all of January into one post.  Here we go!

We decided to start a tradition for New Years Day with my side of the family.  New Years Card Extravaganza!  We have a card game our family always plays...we figured that New Years Day would be a fun day to get together, finish off the holidays with one last hurray of yummy treats, and have prizes for the winners!  It was fun.

The grandkids.

My 3 boys...

I love this video clip playing with Max and Lincoln under the sheets one morning...

In day while I was putting Max down for a nap Noah and Lincoln went out in the backyard and (with the unseasonably warm winter we were having) picked up fists full of mud and threw it all over our next door neighbor's BRAND new house.  When we tried spraying it down the mud didn't come off the hardy board.  We were really relieved when we got a bucket of soapy water out and it all came right off.  I just wish I had also taken a picture of what Noah looked like.

Jazz game with Grandpa!  We made a two sided sign for Lincoln to hold up at the game.  Here he is holding it up before leaving:

There was a play area set up for kids at the arena (a highlight for Lincoln)!

The silliest things are funny when you are just 7 months old...

The boys got sleds for Christmas from Mark's parents, but we ended up with hardly any snow that winter.  The one day that was a good sledding day Noah was really sick, so my mom came and took Lincoln!

Our good eater:

And speaking of eating.  Here are some pictures from our first successful time dining out as a family of 5.  And by successful, I simply mean that everyone ate and everyone was happy!  Believe me, that's a big deal.

We packed in our own food for the 7 month old.

 Mmm...spumoni ice cream.

One last thing to do with eating (on this post).  Does it possibly every make you this happy?...

1/17/12  Lincoln put on our General Grievous mask and showed Max.  I wasn't sure how he would react.  Even watching this clip I'm not sure if he is quietly amused or completely unimpressed...

I do believe that winter was the warmest on record for our area.  When there is a January afternoon warm enough to put the baby in the excersaucer on the back porch (in just his jammies and a hat), that's warm for here!  Max loved it.

Max and his brothers...

Max certainly did love that excersaucer!...

One last clip in the excersaucer...oh, how I love that dimpled grin:

1/21/12  Lincoln got to accompany my dad to another Jazz game because that day it was Noah's turn, but he was really sick.  My brother Josh ended up with an extra ticket too and invited me to join him spontaneously and Mark insisted that I go.  It was a lot of fun!

Nothing like a little slapstick violence to get your baby laughing:

If you know my boys, then you know that Lincoln is very enthusiastic.  He has a lot of energy and he is a busy, busy boy.  However, a side of him that not everyone sees, but is still very much him is his sweet, gentle side.  Lincoln loves his family and while he may love on Max a little too much sometimes, it is so sweet to see these gentle moments between the two of them.  With that being said, here is a series of 5 pictures of Lincoln feeding Max a bottle:

And here's a little video clip too.  Some commentary on things first'll hear Lincoln call Max boo-boo and stovie (no, I don't know how to spell it...since it's a made up word).  Lincoln has always made up random nicknames for Max.  Many of which are nonsense words, but they usually make a run of sticking for a few weeks and then he moves on to something else...or else he modifies it, or combines it with one of the other nicknames.  For example there was a while where Lincoln called Max stoovie (instead of stovie...and then he combined it to make stoovie-boo-boo.  :)
For documentation's addition to the nicknames above, Lincoln also used: Maxaroo, Maxaruber (I'll add as I remember them)...

1/25 Ellianna and Lincoln eating ice cream at McDonalds:

One day Noah climbed into Max's crib and started singing various scores of music from Star Wars.  I was able to catch just the tail end of things...

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