Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Cowboys Rock!

This is a picture of Noah from last week. He begged to wear that shirt and the neckerchief. He has pretty much always loved cowboy stuff. In fact, because of that he got a set of Woody & Jesse dolls (Mark hates that I call them that) for his first Christmas. His love for all things cowboy held on strong well past his second birthday party (see pics here) before it was matched by his love for Buzz Lightyear and all things space (which became his 3rd b-day party theme). He seems to waffle back and forth between his cowboy and spaceman obsessions (recently interjecting his additional interests in dinosaurs and firefighters). Perhaps the fact that Toy Story brilliantly showcases both a cowboy and a spaceman is why he loves that show so much...or maybe the chicken came before the egg? Either way he's been getting really hyped up about seeing Toy Story in the theater this weekend! So, this week, cowboys it is! And, since he's also really into music and singing lately I wasn't too surprised today when he donned his cowboy hat, started "playing" his guitar and singing to some of his favorite tunes. He requested that I make some "bid-eos" (aka videos) of him singing. Just as an FYI, these clips are longer than most that I usually post (but those of you that love this kid as much as I do will enjoy them). This one is about 3 minutes, and the other two are about 2 minutes a piece. Here's the first one "Real Gone" (be sure your sound is up obviously):

The second song is "Life is a Highway". Both of these songs are from the movie "Cars" (which he and Linc both love). Noah used to love this song so much that my mom downloaded it to use as a ring-tone when we called her phone. I love his "Whooooh!" (right on cue) at the beginning of the song:

Since Noah wasn't really singing anymore I stopped taping and he got really upset. He asked me to continue filming, so here's the rest of the song. I had to laugh when during the song he starts giving me a list of people to be sure to show this video to...Daddy, Isaac, Shauna, Grandma - as well as when Noah says, "My hands are gettin' busy" (I guess that's what he means by that he's playing the guitar while singing? I dunno).

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Anonymous said...

He is great! How cute he is belting it out like that. I loved when he started to dance. He is one of the joys of my life. I love to see him doing things like this! Thanks, Mom (Jana)