Thursday, October 1, 2009

Owen's robo-party

My friend Erin's son had his second birthday party last Saturday (this is where I giggle uncontrollably at being only a couple of blog posts away from being caught up!). Anyway! Owen had a really cute robot birthday party, and it was really nice weather to have it outside too. They had this cute little robot for a beanbag toss - of course Noah was much more interested in becoming the robot.

Michael, being the oldest kid there, caught on the fastest to the concept of standing in line and taking a turn tossing in a beanbag. Here he is in action.

After tossing bags for a while the kids all just found their own way to entertain themselves with the robot.

And, what would a kid's birthday party be without a pinata? Here's Lincoln taking a whack at it (with a pretty heavy stick, I may add)...stand back.

Then there was the adorable cake! Claire's mom (who has been in town for a few weeks helping out) made the cake, and Claire decorated it - doesn't she do such fantastic work?! It was so cute and yummy!

Owen blowing out the candles.

And the birthday boy chowing down his piece of cake. There was no tearing him away from the concentration on that task to get a picture. I did think that the robot head on a plate was pretty funny though :)

And, of course, present opening time!
We had a great time, McAllisters - thanks for the invitation! And just think...the next kid's birthday party you host will be for your other two little peanuts & you'll have all three of your boys in attendance that time! Wahoo!

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