Thursday, October 16, 2008

September Wrap-Up

After enjoying our much anticipated family vacation, getting over a nasty cold, and then having issues with our internet…I am finally managing to wrap up September before moving onto a post from our great California adventure this month. So here we go: First of all, Noah is getting a tiny bit better about not hiding when I pull out the camera lately. Now and then he’ll even smile for me if I’m fast enough…and on rare occasions he has even requested for me to take a picture. Such was the case in this picture:

Of course, in wanting desperately to reinforce any behavior that includes tolerance for (or requests of) picture taking…I’ve also ended up with a slew of photos of various bugs, toys, and even bacon that we cooked the other day. If Noah requests me to take a picture of something, then I am all over it. Thank goodness for digital cameras though.

Moving on…I may have mentioned in previous posts that Noah is very into role playing and make believe right now. Anything that involves a “prop” or costume of any type, which coordinates with a movie or show, is super exciting for Noah. So, when I found used Woody & Bulls-eye costumes online a few weeks ago, we hurried over to get it. Of course Noah loves it, and likes to “ride” the horse around and sing, recite lines from Toy Story, or just yell “Ride ‘em, Cowboy!!”…which he pronounces as “Right on, Cowboy!” – pretty cute.

Lincoln isn’t doing this as much now as he used to, but I still had to include this video clip of him scooting backwards. I get a kick out of it anyway.

This last clip is from our most recent trip to the children’s museum, when we went with my friend Camille and her daughter Annie. Noah found the media section of the museum where they do “radio production” and ran into the sound booth. When I saw that he was dancing to the music I pulled out my camera, and then he grabbed the microphone and started to sing! He rambled at first, and then broke out into his version of “you’ve got a friend in me” from Toy Story. And, no, I don’t know what the hand on his tummy thing was about, but the whole thing cracked me up! Who taught my kid how to hold a mic anyway?

And this last picture is of my brothers (Josh, left & Matt, right) with our cousin Tyler in the middle. Our family all had a get together for him the day before he left to join the Marines. So, the last I heard he was at boot camp (is that the right term?) in San Diego…with a much different haircut! We love you, Tyler.

P.S. If you didn't already notice...this post is using several different fonts. Every time that I try to change all the text to the same font, my blog shows an error in the HTML and defaults back to seemingly random different fonts. Can anyone help me with this?'s driving me nuts!


Mike and Lauren said...

I loved this so much. Your boys are so adorable! Noah cracked me up with his singing. So cute.

kathy said...

Laur pointed me in the direction of your blog. Hooray! Your kids are soooo cute.

You're welcome to visit our blog; if you end up finding Christopher's crazy political one, don't be alarmed. Overstatement is his preferred rhetorical device.

Alison said...

I love the picture of Noah. Ha! The boys are so cute! I can't wait to see your Cali pictures :)

Becky T said...

Oh my gosh, I adore that top picture of Noah in his cowboy hat. How cute! And I'm slowly getting caught up on everyone's blogs and just loved your recent posts. I'm glad you guys got to Disneyland, how fun is that?! And I love the pictures from the fair. We haven't gotten to do any fairs since we moved here and I miss them! Your kids get cuter every post, I swear! :)