Tuesday, October 14, 2008

11 Months Old! (yesterday)

I have several posts waiting on the back burner, but I could not put off doing this one. I can hardly believe how quickly my baby is growing up. If I had to describe Lincoln in one word, it would be "happy"...but if I could use a few more words, then they'd include: sweet, blue-eyed, curious, chubby, and increasingly opinionated. In fact, he used to not care when Noah would take a toy from him, then he started whining or crying when it would happen...now he shrieks (loudly!) and looks for somebody to come to his rescue. However, most of the time this is the expression we see:
As far as new things about Lincoln:
  • He now weighs in at 26 pounds 8 ounces (only 3 1/2 pounds to go before he catches Noah!)
  • He is still doing the army crawl. Rarely we'll catch him moving up on his knees for a second before he drops back down to his belly...but boy is he fast with that army crawl!
  • He loves "cruising" around holding onto furniture and, although he's gotten pretty good at it, he falls and bonks his head several times a day. I think that's pretty inevitable when you've got a noggin his size though. Honestly, I'm surprised that the poor guy doesn't get more bruises on his head and face than he does.
  • He thinks everything that Noah does is hilarious.
  • He has no idea how badly it hurts when he bites you with those 4 sharp teeth of his (so watch out!)
  • He is sleeping through the night!!!
And, as for some firsts...he took his first airplane ride this month, and he was an angel. This picture of our binky-baby is the only one that I took, so it'll have to do:

He ate his first french fry (loves them):

He went to the beach for the first time (he wasn't sure what he thought of the sand):

And, lastly, Lincoln had his first sucker (his first sweet treat of any kind, actually)! While walking back to our hotel from Disneyland (after a long day of fun & no naps) both of our little guys were having meltdowns. So, we pulled out the big guns and gave them mickey mouse suckers. As you can see, Lincoln loved it!
Lincoln, we love you so much and are so very grateful that you're a part of our family. Although it's sad to continue to say goodbye to your "babyness"...we look forward to continuing to watch you learn, grow, and unfold your sweet little personality.


Chris-Chelsey-Audrey said...

Really cute pictures...hey is that our old baby rocking chair? Whoa...that thing's still around? We can't believe how quick he's growing! Thanks for the post!

Josh said...

He really is growing up so fast! I completely love that army crawl of his, and yeah, it's amazing how fast he is with it. I must say though, one thing I notice about him that is so unique to me is his eyes. Is it just me? They're just soo blue and big, I love it. Thanks as always for these posts, love ya guys!

tonya said...

Holly your little boys are so cute. It is amazing how their first year with you seems to fly by. Life is so fun with these kids I love to see the little things that make them so happy. By the way your fall weekend getaway looks beautiful.