Monday, October 27, 2008

Our Beach Day (Part 2)

We woke up the next morning and went out onto our balcony to watch the ocean. Just then my parents happened to stroll by on a morning walk! So I snapped this picture...

So, it just wasn't in the cards for us to get a cute family picture at the beach. Oh well. This was the best one that we had of the 4 of us.

Noah was quite pleased when I told him that this time it was ok for him to throw sand! He stood at this embankment and threw sand into the water as the tide would come in.
Now and then the tide would come in farther and hit the sand bar, spraying water up into the air!

Noah walking with my mom, and curiously watching his toes as he walked in the sand.

I actually do like these two. (and that's our hotel in the background) Notice the long morning shadows. It was so nice to have time to enjoy the sand and ocean without any other agenda.

This was Lincoln's first time at the beach!

Noah would be strolling along, the water would hit his feet & he'd freeze - not from the cold, but from being cautious. He wasn't so sure (understandably) about the whole ocean thing.

The ocean water didn't phase Lincoln (of course he doesn't know enough to be afraid yet), but he was unsure what he thought about the sand. Strange, grainy stuff.

Run away! Run away!

Lincoln would get sand on his hand, and then just sit and stare at his hand while moving his fingers around.

I love these next two pictures. Looking at them, I wish I were back there now...

Here Mark is holding tightly on to Noah while a wave comes in, so that Noah won't feel scared.

As time went on Noah loosened up a bit and ran around in the foamy surf with his daddy.

My mom snapped this picture of Mark and I out in the ocean with Noah. We were each holding one of his hands and doing "one, two, threeee" and swinging him out over the incoming waves.

Noah absolutely would NOT pose (or even sit still) for a picture, so I just held him :)

As the name in the sand's our little Linc.

At least we didn't have to get everyone to look at the camera and smile for this photo! We took a picture like this at the beach of Noah's little 5 month old feet with ours when Mark was on a rotation in Massachusetts, so it seemed like we should do another one with all four sets of feet! Besides, it seems like an appropriate picture to take considering Mark's chosen profession, don't you think?

Mark took this shot, I really love it.

And this is what a baby does after an afternoon at the beach!
Don't you just want to smooch those cheeks?!

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