Friday, August 29, 2008

Everyday cuteness...

Uncle David was nice enough to let Noah play with his "little guitar" and Noah loved it!

Here's a little video clip of Noah rockin' out :)

I found Lincoln crashed out in his jumper the other day. I love the way his lips & cheeks hang like that...

I pulled out some bathtub finger-paints a few weeks ago. Noah was a bit skeptical at first, quick to warm up to the idea, and then progressed immediately to creating his masterpiece. It was serious business.

After a while of watching Noah and Lincoln crawl around & play together, I thought to grab my camera. I love watching them interact, so enjoy this clip of "gator" and "baby gator"...snap!

Just one last quick clip of our littlest sweetie:

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RTC said...

The video of the two of them crawling around together does illustrate how close they are in size. Lincoln is a big boy (or Noah is small).