Friday, August 22, 2008

9 Months (& 9 days!) Old

I’m a bit late on getting Lincoln’s 9 month post up, but here we go…

It seems like Lincoln has changed so much over this last month. Perhaps I should start with his most apparent difference first...he's a crawler now, and a pretty fast one already! Lincoln will follow us around the house, put anything he can find in his mouth, and get himself stuck in the strangest places. I thought that I'd include a video clip of the cute little army crawl. Here you go:

Lincoln is also getting quite a head of hair! And, on his left side it is even starting to get some curl to it. Now and then he’ll grab a fist full of his hair and pull on it…followed by a confused expression of “who did that?”…it’s pretty funny. He is almost always such a happy baby. People always comment on how unbelievably happy and content he is. This is the expression that we see most of the time:

Linc is really starting to notice when he does things that people like or think are funny. He’s kind of modified his little raspberry sound (I now call it his “munch-mouth”). Here’s a clip him looking pleased with himself for entertaining us with the munch-mouth:

Here are the most recent stats on our sweet little guy...
  • Weight: 25 pounds (94th percentile)
  • Length: 29.2 inches (73rd percentile)
  • Head Circumference: 50 cm (off the chart big)
  • Happiness Factor: Also off the charts

I’m still learning to understand the difference between “this is a stage that my child is in” and “this is my child’s personality”. Whichever one of those is the case with Lincoln and being so happy…I’m making sure to enjoy and notice it. For example…lots of babies cry or yell to get you to look at them or give them attention. Lincoln will usually squeal or laugh (sometimes it’s a really forced little laugh) until you look at him. At times he seems to get so happy it’s like he’s going to burst…he’ll start doing the “violent head throws” back and forth like in this clip:

Some of the other new things Lincoln’s started doing this month include eating finger foods, jumping so hard in the jumper that I worry he’ll break it, “singing” along with music (and protesting when the music stops), and my very favorite…playing with Noah.

It is so much fun to watch them interact while they play. Usually Lincoln will follow Noah back to the toy room and they'll play with toys, or crawl in circles around the room following each other. Often times Noah will assign Lincoln to be a certain animal (unbeknownst to Lincoln of course) and they will commence games of chasing (crawling after each other), scaring (Noah hiding & jumping out growling…Lincoln shrieking with joy), or tickling. There are times that having these two only about 20 months apart is challenging, but the times that I already can sit back and watch them be buddies already makes it worth it! And, hey…at least they’ve both been wearing the same size diapers (size 4) for some time now!

Let me just wrap up this post with a video clip of something that I think every parent probably sees at some point...the falling asleep in the highchair gig.
Lincoln was fussing and I thought he was hungry, so I gave him his binky and put him in his highchair. While I was getting his food I noticed that he got really quiet, so I walked over to his highchair to find this:

We love you so much, Lincoln. You are such a blessing & we are so lucky to have you in our family!


RTC said...

That last video looks like a member of the High Council in sacrament meeting - struggling to stay awake, but the weight of sleep is just too much! Great vid!

Jana said...

Love those cutest boys ever soooo much!!! Thanks for sharing on your blog. I wouldn't want to miss a minute. (Love you guys too)

Alison said...

Okay, SOOO CUTE! Lincoln is a doll! I loved the videos. That is great that he is so happy. Please tell me it is a 2nd child thing!?! Really, he is just the cutest :)

Clark Family said...

What a cutie!

Becky T said...

Ohhhh, who can resist a baby falling asleep in the high chair?! It's just the cutest thing! Lincoln is quite possibly the happiest looking baby I've seen, and from what it sounds like he really is one happy kid. So cute!