Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Sweet li'l package

Our good friends Levi & Amanda (from Iowa) are staying with us for a couple weeks. They came to Utah to adopt their sweet little (and I mean tiny) baby girl, Tysa. She is absolutely beautiful. She's a 5 1/2 pound package of gorgeous skin, soft black hair, and adorable dimples. We surprised them with the gift of a photo session with our favorite photographer, and I just have to share the link to the photos for you to look at. Even if you don't know them, feel free to take a look at this beautiful baby! www.joannataylorphotography.com/Tysa Congratulations, Levi & Amanda!!!

P.S. A tip on how to navigate the photos...the arrow below the thumbnails just moves you from page to page of pictures. To look at each of them (there are 50 pictures total), put your cursor over the right side of the big picture and an arrow will appear to click on (or you can use the arrows on your keyboard).

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