Sunday, May 4, 2008

Food & a Haircut

We were at Baskin Robbins 31 cent/scoop night when I realized that this was Noah's first ice cream cone! Yes, he's had ice cream before, but never on a cone. So! It needed documentation. Besides, not much is cuter than a two year old with ice cream on his adorable little face.

This photo cracks me up. Our playgroup met at this restaurant last week. Noah is sitting in the train next to his friend Michael eating his corndog. The funny part is the way that Noah is devouring his food. He still opens his mouth much wider than is necessary for the food to fit, so it looks like he's almost angry at it or something. He was enjoying himself though...especially the "sauce" which is his new favorite culinary delight.

How could I resist taking a picture of Noah's haircut last week? He was so cute sitting in the little airplane watching Backyardigans. He used to be scared of getting his haircut. Thanks to Cookie Cutters that's a thing of the past :)

This is Noah just before getting out of his carseat at home. He clutched his sucker and balloon the whole ride home. Any wonder that he likes haircuts now?

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