Monday, April 28, 2008


We've been enjoying our zoo pass a lot lately, so I thought that I'd include some photos from a couple of our trips to the zoo. The first picture is from Lincoln's first time to the zoo.

I looove our new double jogger stroller. It handles like a dream. Here are our little guys trying it out.

Noah and his daddy.

It's kind of funny that Noah is almost as excited about the various animal statues at the zoo, as he is about the actual animals. He loved sitting on the baby tiger, but sitting on the big tiger was a bit too scary for him.

Our little Lincoln is such a smiley guy. And, that gummy grin now is adorned by his first tooth as of this last week - soon to be followed by number two.

Here's a funny. When we were at the zoo looking at the gorillas, Noah was really staring at them. Then, out of the blue, he points at the gorilla and excitedly proclaims "cousin!". Now we got a good chuckle out of it, and I said "yeah...I suppose so, depending on how you look at it". Assuming that our child wasn't referring to one of his actual cousins (they look nothing like gorillas), and that he wasn't trying to explain evolutionary theory...I couldn't figure out how he came up with such a comment. Then I remembered that we'd recently watched Jungle Book, and that one of the characters (a great ape) is 'cousin Louie'. Ha! :)

I know, this picture is kind of sad. Noah is trying to come back into the zoo. I snapped it really quickly as I was going through the turn stall though - to show how heartbroken Noah is each time that we have to leave the zoo. He's always so fun and adorable during our visits to the zoo, but it is always really sad when it's over...

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