Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Cookies, anyone?

After a good swim my mom made cookies with the boys. This was on their to-do-with-grandma-list and she was leaving early the next morning. Luckily they fit it in!

All on his own, Noah decided that he wanted to set up a "store" and sell the cookies to us ("just for pretend" he assured us). This cracked me up, because I used to sell things when I was his age...lemonade, snow cones, but also random things that I could make a sales pitch about. My mom likes to tell about the time I actually sold rocks to some neighbor kids, demonstrating that you could scratch them on the sidewalk and write with them. The kids mom marched over to my parents house that evening demanding her kid's money back saying I was a "rip-off". C'mon...there was no false advertising. Encourage a little bit of entrepreneurial spirit, lady (or teach your kid better spending habits)! Anyway, I was happy to encourage a bit of pretend play with Noah - it was really cute. Here he is set up to sell cookies:

And here he is patiently enduring Lincoln's smothering kisses while I capture the moment...
Woah, buddy.

Lincoln enjoying some of the cookies that he "bought" with his daddy.

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