Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Bubbles or paint?!

We're now to July 18th and at that time were lucky enough to have Mark's mom (Mary) come to stay with us for a while right after my mom left. One afternoon we were looking for an activity for the boys and we sent them out to use their colored bubbles. I had read on one review that even though they are washable that some colors are difficult to get out of some fabrics, so we stripped the boys down to their skivvies and let them loose in the backyard.

It was only a few minutes until they already looked like this...

...and not much longer until the activity changed from colored bubbles to colored body paint (much more fun of course).

Lincoln always takes things to another level...

...although you can actually see here that he wasn't enjoying being that dirty (like I thought he would) like his brother Noah was:

Here's a quick clip of Lincoln realizing that he isn't liking being quite so dirty. He's not happy that he got the colored bubbles on his undies:


These pictures make me laugh out loud. I'm still trying to decide what he looks like...

...and I should have gotten a picture of what the bath water looked like after we were done!