Wednesday, February 2, 2011

October Wrap-Up

Now for a completely random smattering of pictures from October that didn't make into another post. Back on the 2nd of October I finally tried making homemade bread for the first time! My dear friend Shauna (domestic goddess, unlike myself) has always been willing to help teach me how to make "buns" (cute Canadian), so I finally took her up on it. I wish I would have learned back in Iowa when we lived down the street from each other and were together every day, but better late than never right? So! Between sessions of general conference (semi-annual, televised world-wide conference for our church) I called Shauna and she walked me through what I needed to know to get started. I must say that it wasn't as bad as I'd anticipated, and I actually quite enjoyed pounding down the dough! Also, I must say that a few days before that I called Shauna for all sorts of tips on making raspberry jam too, which I did - and it turned out delicious. And so...viola! My first attempt at homemade jam and homemade bread. And it turned out pretty good, even if I am saying so myself.

Random bath picture of our boys. Three things I love about this picture: Their crazy hair, their expressions, and the contrasting colors of their beautiful skin.

Sadly, I don't remember all these months later what this owie was from...just that the bandaid helped. And look at that expression.

Noah has been really into pirates. One afternoon while was being a pirate he laid down on the floor for a minute and sacked out. I had to snap a picture of course.

This picture is actually from another afternoon that Noah was playing pirates. He liked to put on his pirate shirt, as well as his red hoodie (since Captain Hook wears a red jacket), and since we don't have a pirate hat Noah sometimes pretends that his cowboy hat is a pirate hat. Good imagination. This afternoon Noah requested that I take a picture of him and "Tigo" (that's what he named his tiger) in their cowboy/pirate getup.

And, on cue, little brother searched for a reason for me to photograph him. This is what he came up with - and he urgently requested that I take a picture of it:

Early/mid October we drove back home for a visit (and a medical procedure). I've already posted most of the fun pictures from our trip, but the rest of this post will be random pictures from that trip that didn't make it into a previous post. My brother Chris snapped this picture of Mark & me.

Enjoying a delicious dinner at my parents' house with my parents (duh), brother Chris' family, and my grandparents.

Chris & Chelsey's family (plus Noah) were at this other table.

I love this picture that Chris snapped of Audrey and Noah running outside.

Emily outside with Audrey, Noah & Lincoln.

Emily, me, Chelsey.

Noah went on a picture taking rampage one morning at my parents' house. This is me trying to give him the "don't you do it" look. Of course he did take it...and he was so pleased with himself.

That same morning we got this shot of Lincoln and daddy as they were waking up.

Mark decided that morning snuggles were lots of fun, so he climbed into bed with Noah the next morning. Of course Lincoln wanted in on the action and quickly climbed up onto the bed, between Mark and Noah, and under the covers.

And to add one more sleepy-time is Noah asleep in his car seat on the drive back to Arizona.

We stopped at Glen Canyon Dam to stretch our legs and snap some pictures.

And that's it for October.


Rhodenizer Family said...

Can I just say that I am SO PROUD!!! the Buns and Jam look fantastic!!!

Jana said...

I never commented on this post, but I agree with Shauna! I'm so impressed! The rolls look perfect! You'll have to teach your mom! That was a fun visit, and very successful.

Jana said...

....and jam!! Amazing! Love you.