Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Noah's class Halloween Party

Back at the end of October, Noah's preschool class had a Halloween party. It was really cute and the kids had a great time. There were various crafts and activities at different stations. This station was where they decorated Halloween cookies. I got a kick out of watching lots of the other kids continue to add more and more icing and candy to their cookies until there was more of that than cookie. Not Noah. A couple of smears of color and he was satisfied with his minimalist design...and was ready to eat some of it (this kid has never had an over the top sweet-tooth anyway).

Our Noah painting his pumpkin:

There are actually 3 Noahs in this preschool class (which Noah thought was pretty cool). Here is Noah S. painting his pumpkin:

The class singing a Halloween song with fun actions:

Noah taking a whack at the piñata.

Classmate Lily taking a whack at the pirate.

Miss Tammy and Miss Lisa distributing goodies after the piñata was broken.
Noah's class and teachers...Miss Lisa far left, Mrs. Rainer (kind of hidden), Miss Tammy and Mrs. Hollahan (background on right).

Noah requested that I take 2 specific pictures wearing the witch hat (that I'd been wearing)...first this picture of Noah C. and him with their vampire teeth:

And secondly, a picture of him with Miss Lisa.
It was a fun little party and I was so glad that Lincoln was so good while there too so I could enjoy all the festivities and snap these pictures!

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Jana said...

He's such a cute boy!! I love him. It looks like he had a fun Halloween. Glad you're having a moment of feeling well enough to blog a little!