Tuesday, March 2, 2010

More o' that Jazz

Mark's parents so generously gave us (and their other kids in Utah) tickets to two Utah Jazz games for Christmas! We purchased an extra ticket to one of the games to bring Noah along too. My parents watched Linc during that first game (when we took Noah) and both boys during the other game - thank you sooo much! We had such a fun time! The first picture (from right to left) is Janelle, Matt, David, Me, Mark, and Mont.

Mark and Noah in their jerseys.

Noah sitting on his grandma's lap (lovin' the binoculars).

It was a lot of fun to have Noah come to the game, and to smother him with lots of extra attention. Oh, and we found out at half time that is definitely not ok with Noah to have chocolate chips in his frozen yogurt (we picked every single one out), but that berries are acceptable. While silly things like that can feel like a bit of a pain at first, it's fun to see him develop more of his own taste and opinions. And if you've never tried Red Mango frozen yogurt I very highly recommend it - yummm.

Mark "helping" Noah do a little dance...and then a short little boogie of Noah's own at the end:

Thank you so much, Mont & Mary! We had such a great time at both games - they were such a treat!!

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Jana said...

I love seeing Noah when he's all "Jazzed" up! He had to be the cutest kid there. It looks like everyone had a blast. (We had more fun though. Especially when we got both boys!)