Wednesday, March 3, 2010

January Wrap-Up

While Jen was in town over the holidays we were able to get away for a girls' night without any kiddos. We enjoyed a delicious (as always) dinner at the Red Iguana, and chatted it up so much that we actually got shushed by the table next to us. Thanks for a fun evening, girls! (Photo left to right: me, Allison, Jenny, Sara)

My cute little guys being buddies on the couch (oh, how I love those smiles)!

We got a good chuckle out of watching Noah do the ski jump on our Wii. Check out his expression (hilarious), and watch him wave after he lands...and "stop" his parallel skiis at the end. And of course Linc wanted to copy everything Noah was doing, so we gave him a phonebook to use as his own Wii board.

Lincoln pleased as punch about this fort they put together with their daddy.

Noah peeking out too...

This is from when we took the kids to Boondocks. I thought this picture was funny because of both boys' tongues while they were concentrating.

Linc (with freshly cut hair) riding Bullseye the horse.

There's not much that I love more than watching the boys when they play together like this.

A really bad cold ran through our house during January. While Noah had it I snapped this short clip to capture that even when he's sick he is still a pretty cheerful kid. There's something so pitifully cute about when that little dude is sick.

Starting in January Anna began initiating this running in circles and laughing thing. It usually starts with this cute little fake sounding laugh and evolves to a real laugh as she gets someone to join in with her. Noah was about to head down for his nap (hence the diaper), but bought himself a bit of extra time since he and Anna were being so entertaining...

I posted this on facebook quite some time ago, but figured that it was funny enough to post here too. Make you dizzy?


Jana said...

Cute pictures again! I love these guys so much. (I have to have a copy of the photo with them on the couch together!

The Nielsen Family said...

LOVED Noah's Wii video!! Their voices are so cute!!

Mike and Lauren said...

I love your "wrap-up" idea...I think I might steal it. And I love reading about/seeing pictures of your cute little family!