Sunday, February 5, 2012

Trip back to Utah

Here are a few pictures from our road trip back to Utah (on July 27th). We promised the boys to stop and see dinosaur tracks on our trip. Just outside of Tuba City, Arizona (which we're unfortunately familiar with since my mom was taken there after her car accident, before being flown to the hospital in Flagstaff) is a village called Moen-avi. There is a place there just off the road where you can see all sorts of dinosaur tracks. A local Native American (Navajo) shows you around, allows you to take pictures, and gives you all sorts of information for a donation. It was actually really interesting. Here are the boys pointing to a dinosaur foot print...

Our guide would pour water into prints as he talked about them, so we could see them more clearly which was really helpful.

Noah pointing to some petrified dino poop (seriously).

More tracks (I wish that I had written down the names of the dinosaurs and other interesting tid-bits that we were told)...

You can't hear much because of all the wind, but here is a clip of the boys walking around the dinosaur tracks...the best part of the clip is Noah in character as a dinosaur:

Noah & Grandma Mary (Mark's mom).

I thought the long shadows looked really cool too.

I think these were dinosaur eggs.

Since the boys had recently been to the Arizona Museum of Natural History (with several dinosaur fossils) Lincoln kept thinking that we were searching the rocks for dinosaur bones instead of dinosaur tracks. Honestly, as far as Lincoln was concerned we could have probably stopped at any random area on our drive and told him we were looking for dinosaur tracks/bones and he would've had fun with his imagination...

Trying to get a picture of the boys. Lincoln was happy to oblige. Noah not so much.

One last try at a brothers shot. I was really glad we made this pit-stop. It was good to stretch our legs, fun for the kids, and interesting for all of us. I'm not sure when we'll made that trip by car again with young kids, but if we do then I say that we stop again!

I honestly have to recollection where we were when we pulled over here, but it was just too much fun not to pull over and let the boys take a look...

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Aussiemuminthekitchen said...

So fun! Great pics. Gabe is obsessed with dinosaurs. I really need to take him to Thanksgiving point. Loved the pics of the two boys together. Gabe almost daily talks about Lincoln and how he has an older brother. He then goes on to say he wishes he could have an older brother who he would name Bridger (random). It's so nice that they have each other. They are both so adorable.