Monday, December 26, 2011

Arizona Museum of Natural History

One of the things our boys were looking forward to doing while my mom was in town was going to the "Dinosaur Museum" (Arizona Museum of Natural History). So, Mark and my mom took them on July 9th (I stayed home with new baby Max). Here are a bunch of pictures (mostly that my mom took) from the adventure:

A quick clip of Mark talking to Noah about mastadon and megaladon:

Lincoln comparing his footprint to the dinosaur's:

(Noah is fascinated with scorpions)...

Noah has such an amazing imagination! I love watching him get lost in his pretend world...well, usually I love it - just look at how cute he is here:

A quick clip of Lincoln doing his etching. Oh how I love his little voice!

This is so Lincoln:

The first thing Noah wanted to tell me when they got home was that there was something Star Wars at the museum!!

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