Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Go, Jazz!

Mont, Noah & Mary giving a posed cheer for the Jazz after we arrived at the game (against the Suns!) back on October 14th. In all the years of Jazz games that I've attended, I don't ever recall being nearly 1/2 hour early to a game (except maybe a playoff game where it's packed & crazy). It was really nice to be in my seat relaxing before the team even took the court. A huge thanks to my dad for getting these tickets to this pre-season game while we were in town. Maybe some day we'll become Phoenix Suns fans, but I can't imagine we'll ever be cheering for them when they play the Jazz.

A picture of our family while the teams were warming up down on the court.

A shot of Lincoln protesting that the music and announcer were too loud...

...until Linc realized he was being photographed - then he had to give his mom a big ol' smooch for the camera. Such an affectionate little guy.

Mary & Mont with Noah.

My parents with Noah.

Time for the national anthem. Right before Lincoln took my hand in this picture, he looked around and put both of his hands on his chest (not sure why everyone else had their hand on their chest).

Mark with Linc as the game got started...

This was Lincoln's first NBA game (Noah has been to several Jazz games), and both boys enjoyed themselves. Let's be honest though...what is the highlight of a game to most 2 & 4 year olds?...the food! So, between a couple trips for snacks and a potty break for Noah - my sweet husband was back and forth down our row (and all those stairs) several times. Thankfully between all of us we took up the whole row. Anyway, I had to snap a quick shot of Mark (with Linc on his shoulders) returning from one of those jaunts.

Noah digging into his hot dog!

Lincoln chowing down on pizza.

While Linc was finishing up the last of his pizza, a took a quick clip asking him a couple questions:

Mary & Mont with Lincoln (and his BIG cheeser) after the game. Jazz 108, Suns 97!
Thanks to both of our parents for coming to the game with us! What a fun way to close out our visit to Utah!

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Jana said...

Watching Noah & Lincoln was more fun than watching the game! It was so fun being with all of you. Cute, cute pictures. Both boys look happy and excited! Love it.